Cartouches TSR


Cartridge Emulsions

EPC MINEEX markets the explosive emulsions NITRAM 5 and 9 aas well as the EXPLUS TSR produced by EPC-France. The diversity of formulas and sensitization methods (gasification or glass microbeads) make them adaptable to all types of sites and applications.



Boosters are very powerful priming boosters, ideal for priming nitrate-fuel or bulk emulsion type products. Their fully sealed shape prevents any contact between the explosive and the operator. Similarly, the holes intended for the installation of the detonators make it possible to avoid drilling the cartridge, a step which is always delicate for the safety of the miner. Safe, it is recommended as a replacement for dynamite.

Boot systems

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Electronic Detonator

Derived from the fourth generation of the Davey Bickford electronic firing system, the DAVEYTRONIC® OP-W offers precision, simplicity and flexibility at the right cost and is particularly suitable for quarries, construction sites and small open pit mines. Before firing, a complete check of the priming system is carried out by the firing console.

The DAVEYTRONIC® OP-W system makes it possible to perfectly adapt the sequence to the shots to be carried out to minimize nuisance and optimize the result of the shot.

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Electric Detonators

EPC MINEEX markets DAVEYDET® electric detonators in different lengths, electrical sensitivities and delays. These detonators are used in many countries where they are recognized for their high reliability. Their continuous production and quality control rank them among the most successful in the world.

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Non-Electric Detonator

EPC MINEEX markets t and DAVEYNEL® et DAVEYQUICK® non-electric priming systems.

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Detonating Cord

The DAVEYCORD is a detonating cord made up of a pentrite core contained in a textile sheath and coated with a plastic envelope to protect it from humidity.