Our expertise in mining

Advanced technology for mining in Africa.

EPC – Mineex offers to take care of all your blasting activities from the design of the blasting plan to the blasting of the mine, taking into account the expected “blockometry” as well as the environmental and safety constraints

EPC – Mineex guarantees the reliability of the explosive products and pyrotechnic accessories used.


EPC – Mineex is made up of highly qualified personnel in drilling and mining. The work supervisors hold the “Certificat de Préposé au Tir”, attesting to their ability to use explosive products safely. The use of explosives being a very sensitive practice, the knowledge and skills of our miners are regularly upgraded by appropriate training.

EPC – Mineex is responsible for providing you with drills adapted to the type of deposit and in sufficient number to achieve your objectives (ATLAS COPCO PowerROC T35, Sandvik DX 700, Sandvik DX800).


Minage savoir faire

A know-how and a perfect control of the techniques of slaughter.

Precise modelling of blasting operations for optimal exploitation.

Storage of explosives

Secure storage areas in compliance with current legislation.